1000th post

Today marks my 1000th post


Holy cow. I’m a little bit surprised, actually.

I remember when I started out three years ago, I thought, “Holy Hades, I don’t get this blogging stuff.”

But I quickly fell in love with it. 

I really enjoy hanging out with you guys, talking music, movies, writing…all kinds of stuff!

You’ve walked along side me during some of the ups and down along my journey to publication.

And now….can you believe my debut novel has already been delivered to some people?


Amazon put it up (paperback only so far) up a bit early (which is totally okay with me) and those who jumped on ordering it have already gotten their copies!!  It’ll be up on Kindle and Nook closer to the release date.

I’m SUPER excited for my release party over at Bitten By Books on September 6th. It’s an ALL DAY EVENT with super prizes (including a KINDLE!!)

And if you’re in the Phoenix, AZ area Saturday September 17th, come to my book party with your book and I’ll sign it!!  Details HERE.

So…mark your calendars. I want to celebrate the official release with each and every one of you!


I’m off to enjoy the day. Happy FRIDAY, everyone!!


PS:  Want to win a SIGNED copy of Wasteland? Click HERE and HERE for chances

Okay, bye for real, now.

25 thoughts on “1000th post

  1. Congrats, Lynn, on your 1000th post. I know I haven’t been commenting a lot lately, but I almost always read it over. Thank you for always keeping your blog fresh and interesting. God bless!

  2. 1000 posts? You are a blogging goddess! What a milestone. So impressive!

    Guess what came in the mail yesterday? I’m gonna take a pic of me holding it later and send it to you. 🙂

    • Yay!!!!! Hope you like it!! People who’ve ordered early have already started getting their copies. I ’bout died when Kendall told me Amazon had informed her the book had shipped. That’s way early and I’m totally okay with it! LOL

  3. I guess the best thing to say about your 1000 post is:
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Lynn on your 1000 post
    Happy birthday to you.

    And I can’t wait to get my copy from the publisher

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