Four Words with Bianca Butterman

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Hello, everyone. Emma Martin here. Are you ready for another four-word interview? I’m having such a great time with these characters…well, and the authors, too.

If you’re new to the blog, here’s how it works. I get to ask four questions, but they can only be four words long, and the kicker is…they answers have to be four words or less as well.

Why four? Well…why not? That’s just how I roll.

So…let’s get started!


Today we have Bianca Butterman with us. She’s part of the Butterman Travel Series. I just love that name, and I can’t wait to dive into this book. The fact that I don’t sleep a wink leaves plenty of time for reading–which is much better than studying for exams!

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Emma Martin: Most embarrassing moment…

Bianca Butterman: bozo, lame, flat-chested, personal

EM: Describe your first kiss…

BB: weaseled, sloppy, intrusive, unwanted

EM: Favorite sweet treat…

BB: chocolaty, squishy, juicy, exquisite

EM: Fondest childhood memory is …

BB: dog, buddy, hiking


Bianca Butterman is part of the Butterman Travel series. Book 1 is Butterman (Time) Travel, Inc. and Book 2, Induction Day, is also available. And the Prequel Novella, Diary of a Teenage Time Traveler is available for free.

Find them HERE

PK HrezoPK Hrezo is a chocoholic, guacoholic, and rockoholic. She writes YA and NA spec fic, as well as non-fiction. Mother of two, wife of a firefighter, and international airline agent by night.

Follow her down the rabbit hole:


Thanks, PK, for letting Bianca stop by!

Happy reading, everyone!


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