A is for ADELE…

The A to Z Blog Challenge has begun!!!!!!!

What better way to start than with ADELE! She’s a fantastic singer. I first found her while watching the movie I Am Number Four. Remember that fire scene?

Check it out:


I LOVE that character who played SIX. She rocks. I would love her to play Emma in Violet Midnight for sure!

Here’s the song.

What are some of your favorite movie songs?

10 thoughts on “A is for ADELE…

  1. I love Adele! She is amazing! Her music is so true to the heart, and she has a beautiful voice! {Never saw the movie, I am number four, but I will have to check it out}!

  2. I like just about all the songs in the Hunger Games soundtrack…even though they never played more than three of them in the movie. Oh well!

    Stopping by as I make my way through the A-Z!

  3. I tend more toward the instrumentals in movies, although I do like it when I’m watching a movie and there’s a song I remember from when I was younger. There were a few of those in I Am Number Four.

  4. Hey Lynn, I love music, but I was never the one that really kept up on the names of songs or who sang them. I also was never one to collect CD’s lol lol….. I love all kinds of music, so I mainly listen to the radio. As far as movie soundtracks, well I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies, I read. To me a book is so much better than a movie. So I am afraid that I would not have an answer for the question today.


  5. Good morning, Lynn. I stayed away from Adele for a while, but could not resist the urge to follow because she’s that good. I’m always on the lookout for great new music. I hate to be one of those that claim that music died when… and then name a year or decade. As to my favorite movie music – the Notting Hill soundtrack comes to mind. Great film, great music.


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