A kind word could save a life #TheRunningWriter

A kind word could save a life.


I walk through the day, focused on my tasks, what I need to get done. What’s important to me, my life, my, my, my…

And sometimes I miss what one person might really need: a kind word.

It’s amazing how wrapped up in our lives we can get that we don’t see what’s happening around us. What others might be struggling with. How our actions can influence them.

For good or bad.

While out and about, take the time to say hi to someone, even if you don’t know them. A smile or brief conversation. Helping someone put a heavy bag of groceries in their car for them. Commenting on how nice someone’s smile or the dress they’re wearing is.

It’s amazing the difference you could make in just one person’s life with just one interaction. You could even save a life, because you don’t know just how badly someone is suffering inside.

Maybe that one kind gesture was all they needed to encourage their faith in humanity. Maybe that one kind word or gesture was the only one they’ve experienced in days.

You might have just saved their life.

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