Well, another weekend come and gone.  I got to spend some of it in beautiful Sedona, AZ.  If you’ve never been there, if it’s ever possible for you to go, you must.  I really can’t put the beauty into words.  My friend and I climbed up and perched ourselves on the top of a rock and overlooked a valley of red rock.  It was amazing.  It was so relaxing.  

Sunday I did a 65 mile ride with another friend.  Ok, so that wasn’t as relaxing as sitting on a rock overlooking the beauty of Sedona, but it was pretty good as well.  My longest ride ever has been 67 miles, so I’m getting close.  I’m going to try and do a 100 mile ride some day soon, just to see if I can. 

You might ask, “Why on God’s green earth would you put yourself through that agony?”  Good question.  I sometimes ask myself the very same thing.  But, my answer is simple.  I’m nuts.   No, really, I love it.  The challenge of exerting myself to stay fit, to compete with myself, and to see the town.  I’ve mentioned in past posts how I get to see some pretty spectacular things while out on a bike.  Well, there’s another reason as well.  

It helps my writing. 

Yep, it really does.  My mind gets to wonder.  Plots get to sizzle and cook.  There is a contest this week on a blog that I visit daily, so while I was riding for those 3 hours on Sunday, I put together my idea, mixed it up, and then finalized it.  So, today or tomorrow, I can get it down on the computer and enter her contest.  

Plus, after riding that far and long, I can eat anything I want after.  So, bring on the malted milk balls!!!  

Have a great day everyone.  GOD BLESS!

3 thoughts on “A WEEKEND TO REMEMBER

  1. I’ve been called Crazy before, yes. Insane and Nuts as well. My dad was a marathon runner for many years, so I think it’s genetic. Because, despite my desire to ride 100 miles or inline speed skate down a hill at 30 miles per hours, I think running marathons is even MORE insane! LOL

  2. Yeah, I still think you’re crazy! I’ll stick to my short runs at the grueling pace you set. Totally agree with you on the malted milk ball thing though!

  3. And I thought 12 miles over my vacation was good!

    If you ever get up north, you should give the Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills of South Dakota a run, er, bike. A couple of weeks back, my sister (a physical terrorist, I mean therapist 😉 and daughters camped in Custer State Park and biked a couple of miles of the 109-mile Mickelson Trail that goes from Hot Springs to Deadwood. I’d love to do the whole thing one day, but my body and I are, shall we say, at odds with one another at the moment. When we were up there we also hiked halfway to Harney Peak. We’d have done the whole thing, but my 6-year-old got tired.

    You’re right, there’s few things that feel better than pushing yourself to the limit. (You can keep the malted milk balls. I’ll take the pizza.)

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