Amityville Horror–1979

Welcome to the week of Scary Movies.

Up until now, we’ve been looking at one per week. Candyman, Halloween, and Poltergeist . . .but now, it’s time for the final five.

The TOP FIVE as far as I’m concerned . . .

So, on to #5:


Amityville Horror




Yeah, so I’m such a wimp, I never saw this one all the way through. Yes, I’m a dork, and I’m okay with it. Talk about creepy.

Why are the older movies that much more creepy than the ones these days?


Did you see Amityville? What’d you think?

19 thoughts on “Amityville Horror–1979

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  5. I’m a horror movie junkie, but Amityville scared me so much more than the average slasher flicks that were out at the time. (yes, I’m old..I remember reading the BOOK, lol)
    I think it was the first one that made me believe it was really a true story. The book read like a true crime novel. That movie wigged me out.

    • Wigged me out, too! I didn’t know you were a horror movie junkie…that’s interesting. You’ll have to let me know if you agree with my #1 movie choice on Friday! LOL

  6. Yeah, definitely one of the scariest. I seem to remember that the house was put on the market several months ago. There’s no way I could ever live there, let alone spend one night under that roof!

  7. Morning Lynn 🙂

    Ahhh I’m so glad Amityville is in your top five 🙂 This story gives me the willies — probably because it’s based on a supposed true story — there’s nothing like a true haunted story to get the fear pumping 🙂

    I definitely prefer the original movie, to the remake. Perhaps because older movies tend to build on the atmosphere without relaying on effects — I’m a total nut for old black and white ghost stories.

  8. I was never able to watch the entire movie either. I think the scary movies these days are more geared to gross you out with the blood, killing, etc. and they lack the suspense the older movies had.

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