And The Journey Goes On. . .

Up and Down are the two words that I think thoroughly describe the writing industry. I suppose any industry, really, but since I’m in the writing world, I’ll stick to that.

One day there’s a five-star review, the next a two-star. Oh, but then there’s that email or Facebook post or tweet a fan sends telling you how much they loved your book.

See what I mean? But hey, ups and downs are a part of it, and I’m glad to be on this path, so I’ll take them both.

Last week I got a few FUN surprises that I want to share with you all. Because really, you all have been with me for most of this journey. And if you’re new, WELCOME, I’m glad you’re here sharing this journey with me.

First UP:

Holy Cow, I got four stars from the Romantic Times!!  CLICK HERE for the review, but I wanted to share the main part with you here. And yes, I did cry.

“A pulse-pounding adrenaline surge brimming with poetic pyrotechnics, Rush’s story caresses your heart. Wasteland is a game-changer in the ho-hum angel/demon world. Beautifully written prose, strong characters and a compelling plot will keep readers hooked until the last page.”

Oh my word. Now do you see why I cried? My dear friends Sean and Pat got reviews as well! I just have to say thank you to all those book bloggers and reviewers out there. You guys are rocking with the reading and reviewing. Thanks for all your hard work and support!

Second UP:

I’m going to be on LIVE TV. **YIKES**  Yes, I’ve done a live DM Zone interview (CLICK HERE) but LIVE TV?  I’m looking forward to this challenge!! Here are the deets:

The Morning Scramble on AZ TV7 airs from 8am to 9:30am on March 30th. I hear I’ll be on around 8:30am through 9:30am–a couple of segments! And it gets even better  —>  I’ll be on with the amazing author, Alan Dean Foster!  Yes. click his name and check out his awesomeness. Anyone who knows me knows I’m into action films. Specifically: Terminator. Not to mention pretty into Transformers! Chronicles of Riddick and…oh my. Just go check out his books!

For those who aren’t in Arizona, you can view a LIVE STREAM by clicking HERE.

And more fun news:

My dear friend, Ciara Knight’s YA novel released last week RISE FROM DARKNESS.

Go check that out. I set up a YouTube Channel, come on over and subscribe to that, they’ll be some fun things going up over the next few months.

The A to Z Blog Challenge starts VERY Soon. I can’t wait to be blogging about music every day. I’ve even found a band for X, Y, and Z  **LOL**

***WHEW*** Lot’s going on, huh?

Tell me what’s new in YOUR world!


3 thoughts on “And The Journey Goes On. . .

  1. This is so inspiring to read! How lovely – and it’s well-deserved too: your books are just fabulous! I’m far away from this magic (or scary?) moment where people start reviewing your works myself, but I’m currently enjoying the recent boom of readers on my own blog, and I love to interact with these lovely people who actually take their time commenting. The other day, I also got what can only be described as a fan mail from one of my blog readers, which gave me a very nice “wow”-feeling. And… well… I can tell myself that I write purely for my own sake, just to feel good… but it wouldn’t be true: the readers are so important; their reactions (good OR bad) too 🙂

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