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Do you believe that angels are out there watching over us? When we pray to God and ask for protection while driving out of town–do you think an angel sits on the roof of our car, like in the Frank Peretti books?  

Interesting question, isn’t it? I’d love to hear what you think. 

A friend of mine was driving down the road on his way to an appointment. Not necessarily speeding, listening to crazy music, or weaving in and out. Just driving along, when all of a sudden…


Glass instantly showers over him like rain. The driver’s side window shattered. Of course he ducks. Was it a bullet? Was he hit? After making his way to the side of the road, a cop pulls up to help. After investigating, they discovered that a large part of a car that was being towed in front of him fell off the tow truck, bounced on the ground, and up at his car, crashing into his window.

It could have seriously injured him had it struck him, but somehow it just bounced off the glass, shattering it, but then dropping away from the car. 

Now, I’m a big fan of the Peretti books (This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness)–so I envisioned a large, bright angel deflecting that deadly projectile with a swat of his hand claiming it wasn’t my friend’s time to be injured or killed.

What do you think? Are God’s Angels around us protecting us from harm?

If they are, what about Dark Angels? Are they out there trying to do us harm?

3 thoughts on “ANGELS

  1. On New Year’s Eve 2000, the band I played in was doing a show in a small town about 70 miles from our home. I woke up at the hotel at about 2 a.m. with this horrible feeling that something terrible had happened to a family member. I immediately prayed, “God, I don’t know who in my family needs your help, but someone I love is in danger. Please send your angels to protect my loved one.”

    At 6 a.m., a phone called pulled my husband and I from our sleep. My husband’s older brother’s Toyota Tercel had been broadsided by a pickup doing about 70 mph. My brother-in-law had been thrown from the car and taken by helicopter to a town 30 miles away. When the first responders called my husband’s parents, they told him they needed to get to the hospital immediately because they were certain Kelly, my bro-in-law, wasn’t going to make it.

    But by the time they got there at around 2:30 a.m., Kelly’s condition had started to stabilize. He spent a month in a medicine-induced coma so his broken bones and burned lungs (he aspirated stomach juices) could heal, but he eventually recovered and is now a husband, a father of three and a foster father to a multitude of children who need stability.

    Do I believe in angels? You bet.

  2. Last year, my FFH and son were in a car accident. He had pulled into the intersection (accidently running the red light) and a car hit the passenger side of the car (where my 9 year old son was sitting). Nobody was hurt, and FFH took pictures of the damage.

    He sent me the pictures in an email and I almost cried.

    The smashed metal started above the passenger tire then traveled down the truck — SKIPPED my son’s door — and picked back up after the door and all along the rest of the truck.

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