Anne Rice was on  James Dobson’s Focus on the Family radio show Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  I caught most of the interviews on the radio and I must say, I was inspired.

Much like my writing, which focuses on the redeeming grace of God, her life is a picture of such redemption. She turned her back on her faith when she was eighteen years old. 

Lost in her dark vampire-based novels, she described how far from God she’d drifted. But in 1998 she came back to faith. Or God brought her back. Now she spends her time researching the new Testament to finish her Fiction trilogy about Christ’s life. 

After hearing her read a portion of her new book on the radio interview and having not read any of her vampire novels, I was thoroughly impressed. I’m anxious to read one of her vampire books then the ones dedicated to Christ so I can see the difference. I’m expecting it to be substantial.

So, here’s the link to her website: Anne Rice. I encourage you to read her biography. She’s got an amazing story to tell.

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