Are you Savvy?

Only EIGHT days left to earn entries toward an Amazon Kindle or Amazon Gift Card. CLICK HERE for deets.

Today I’m over at Come on over and leave a comment and you’ll earn TWENTY-FIVE entries toward the Kindle/Gift Card giveaway.

And to UP the ante a little….I’ll give away an extra FIFTY entries if you send me a picture with you and Wasteland. It can be a paper copy of Wasteland or your Kindle version….CLICK HERE for a little post about the Photo Entry.

Grand Prize: a KINDLE or Gift Certificate!

We’ve got a few photos coming in already and they’re awesome!

And if you’re thinking, “Oh, well, I haven’t gotten any entries yet so why bother starting?” don’t worry there are still eight days left with some MEGA entry opportunities to come.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter, too, so you don’t miss any impromptu “earn extra entries” tweets and chances to win autographed Wasteland cover flats.

Thanks for celebrating the release of my debut novel, Wasteland, this month. You guys have made it an amazing experience!!

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