Back in the saddle…

And by saddle, I mean my bike saddle….

If you follow my twitter or facebook posts, you’ll often notice status updates of “rode 50 miles today” or “nice five mile jog this morning”…things like that.

But recently pretty much all exercise has been a solid No-Go. I had surgery on April 1st. I wished  it had been an April Fool’s Prank…sadly, it wasn’t.

March 11th we got some not-so-fun news about my health. Interestingly, the news came on the same day I signed my very first book contract.

Talk about polars, huh?

Anyway, here’s a summary (paraphrased of course):

Doc: Oh, looks like you have a 7cm ovarian cyst. We need to get you an MRI and pencil you in for surgery, this thing needs to come out. 

Two weeks later doctor reads MRI: Oh, dear. It’s over 12cm (think softball size). MRI reports they can’t be sure exactly what it is. Surgery is next week! 

Which led to discussion of possible cancer….so NOT fun.

I’m happy to report, the cyst has been removed, NO CANCER, and I’m on the mend.


It sure has given me time to think, though. Or fantasize  (Percocet does that you know) about new beginnings.

Starting over.

I’m used to riding my bike 30, 40, 70 miles at a time–pretty much every weekend and sometimes during the week!

This past Saturday I made it TEN miles.


It left me a tad discouraged.

Before the surgery, I’d started working toward that 50, 60 and 70-mile marker, but now….not even close.

Then God cracked me over the head with a padded two-by-four:

Attitude check time—>At least I’m up and about!! Health intact! It could have been so much worse.

Yes, I thanked God for the attitude adjustment.

I truly believe that everything we experience builds character!!

I might be starting over, but I’m up for the task. So BRING IT ON!


Have you ever had to start over with something? Doesn’t have to be writing or sports related…just anything.

How’d you get through it?


18 thoughts on “Back in the saddle…

  1. I’m writing my eighth draft of my first novel that I want to get published. Starting over isn’t fun especially after you’ve spent months working on something but its well worth it. Glad you’re okay and the ten miles is GREAT! Heck, I can’t even do ONE mile. I can’t even ride a bike that well. So to me you’re one hundred percent back.

  2. Although I can’t recall the verse off hand, but in the Bible there is reference to staying the same no matter what struggles come our way. You are a true example of that, Lynn. None of us would have ever known what you were going through because your upbeat and cheerful attitude remained. I’m happy you got a good report following the surgery. I’ve had several medical issues in my life and have learned if you have good health, you’re very rich. Just getting out of bed in the morning and being able to walk across the room is something I will never take for granted. With a little patience, I have no doubt you will be back to logging in some major mileage on that bike. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Savannah. I’ll be careful. I have supportive co-workers who are not letting me lift anything! (I work in a bookstore) I hope to be back to full steam in the next couple weeks. 🙂

  3. Goodness, I’m glad you’re on the mend!

    I hear ya about starting over. I haven’t written like *real* words since December (the house remodel kind of took over, LOL!). I’m nervous about getting back into the writing mode…can I do it? Will my writing muscle whine and moan from lack of use???

    IDK, but, like you, all I can do is jump back into it and accept where I’m at while at the same time work towards improving.

    Good luck! You’ll be doing 70 miles in no time! 😀

  4. Yikes!!! I’m so glad you’re feeling better!!! *HUGS*

    Scary wake up calls like that can really put your priorities back in line… Don’t worry about the 70 miles… You’ll be back there before you know it…



    1. Thanks, Lisa. You’re right. And with my mother in law’s recent cancer diagnosis and ongoing chemo…it really tested our limits!! But I really believe each thing we face in life serves its purpose.

  5. I’m glad the surgery went okay. Soon you’ll be up to 50 miles a ride.
    I had a do over with my first full. Took five starts before I got the beginning right.

      1. No, the most challenging thing is when your married and you and your wife are trying to have a baby. Then, out of the blue you’re diagnoses with testicular cancer.
        Rewrites of the first 40,000 words of a story ain’t nothin’ compared to that. I got a ‘do over’ with the story.
        BTW-we had a beautiful daughter a year later.
        Didn’t get a ‘do over’ with the marriage.
        I’m so glad you had a chance for a ‘do over’.

  6. I had to start over with being creative. When I was a kid, I could imagine anything. Then I took a fifteen year hiatus and now, it takes longer to come up with stuff. So, nothing compared to what you are doing, but it’s still a slow and steady process. And, yes, miss, you have much to be thankful for. Take it slow and know that soon you’ll be making me sick with all the exercise posts. lol. Hugs to you!

    1. LOL, Rachel on the “you’ll be making me sick” comment. You’re too funny. Hope you’re enjoying your release party day over at Bitten by Books!! It’s great fun!

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