Battle scars #TheRunningWriter

I’m proud of my scars. Even the stupid ones I’ve gotten over the years.

They don’t define me, but they’ve played a part in developing me. Ask anyone who’s talked to me about some of mine, I’m honest about them. And, I’m happy to tell my story about them.

Because like TobyMac says in his song Scars we all have them:

It doesn’t matter who you are
This world gon’ leave some battle scars

This world is a tough place. It can shred you up sometimes. The scars might not be visible on your skin, but they are there. Every single person has them.

That’s a fact.

Remember that next time you feel like you’re the only person in the world dealing with something. You are not alone. It may feel like it, but that’s the shame talking. That’s the fear talking. Don’t be deceived.

You are NOT alone.

Say it out loud with me. I am not alone.

If you need to, put sticky notes up all over the place so you remember that.

Battle scars are a part of life. They don’t define you, but they help develop you. So go with it. Be proud of the scars.

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