Be Still. . .

To my friends, both internet and real-life-right-now friends, I’m known as someone who has a ton of energy.

If you’ve read my posts here on the Light of Truth blog or Facebook and Twitter, you know. I often talk about mega write-fests and long bike rides 🙂

It’s true. I do have a  lot of energy. Most of it is spent writing or exercising for the most part.

And on those long, long bike rides I take, I spend the time either thinking about a story I’m writing or praying for my family and friends. Heck, I even have music playing (only in one ear, so I can still hear the traffic, though).

But when I think about it. . . my brain is always working.

I rarely sit in silence and just relax.

Now, I know not everyone who reads (or might read) this blog believes in God.

I get that.

But me, yeah, I do. I totally know He’s driving my car.

Sure, it might be MY fingers curled around steering wheel, but He helps me figure out which direction to go. Which turn to take. Or when to stop.

Stop?   You mean slow down and actually . . . . . . STOP?

Yeah. . . I’m not so good at that one. Workin’ on it, though. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a turning signal God might be flashing and go the wrong way up a one way street . . .


How do you guys slow down to re-group?

Anything special you do?


7 thoughts on “Be Still. . .

  1. LBDiamond–right on. It doesn’t take the problem away, but makes dealing with it tolerable, huh? I totally agree.

    Jill–WOW. That’s quite a story. Amazing!

  2. Your post touched a place in my heart when you wrote “God is in your car”. I know, God is everywhere and he was indeed in my car last summer. While driving on the interstate, during rush hour traffic, a pickup truck hailing a flatbed trailor, in front of me lost the wheelbarrel it was hauling. Luckily I’m not a tailgator, but the wheelbarrel bounced onto the road and was coming straight for my windshield. I was in the far left lane and couldn’t swerve right because I had cars next to me. To my left was the edge of the road and a somewhat steep hill. I new if I swerved to my left to sharply I could end up flipping my vehicle. It was all happening so fast, but it felt like slow motion. To this day, I know it was the hands of God who took over my steering wheel and guided me away from the wheelbarrel and away from my fellow commuters into safety. My car is one of my quiet places where I speak to God and thank him for all of the gifts in my life.

  3. You know, my pastor said “keep your focus on God, no matter what the situation.” I always kind of wondered what that meant. But, for me, it means that when I’m happy, I praise God, when I’m stressed, I ask Him for strength, calm, and help. That’s when I sense inner peace. Even in the storm of life. (I’m not saying my problems go away, but they’re certainly more manageable than if I was alone.)

    😉 Great post!!!

  4. Kat–I so agree, getting rid of the physical clutter helps BIG TIME!
    Kay–Glad you saw Diana. Isn’t she great? I can sit, but I just can’t shut my brain off. . . LOL. 🙂

  5. I wish I could devote so much time to writing or exercising. But I have two kids, and we homeschool. So, for me getting quiet time means staying up late, reading. Or going for a walk–alone. Maybe sending hubby and kids out of the house so I can clean, without someone coming along and getting everything dirty five minutes later. That last one may not seem like “stopping” but it is for me. Getting rid of physical clutter helps me get rid of mental clutter and be able to slow down.

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