Be Still. . .

To my friends, both internet and real-life-right-now friends, I’m known as someone who has a ton of energy.

If you’ve read my posts here on the Light of Truth blog or Facebook and Twitter, you know. I often talk about mega write-fests and long bike rides 🙂

It’s true. I do have a  lot of energy. Most of it is spent writing or exercising for the most part.

And on those long, long bike rides I take, I spend the time either thinking about a story I’m writing or praying for my family and friends. Heck, I even have music playing (only in one ear, so I can still hear the traffic, though).

But when I think about it. . . my brain is always working.

I rarely sit in silence and just relax.

Now, I know not everyone who reads (or might read) this blog believes in God.

I get that.

But me, yeah, I do. I totally know He’s driving my car.

Sure, it might be MY fingers curled around steering wheel, but He helps me figure out which direction to go. Which turn to take. Or when to stop.

Stop?   You mean slow down and actually . . . . . . STOP?

Yeah. . . I’m not so good at that one. Workin’ on it, though. I wouldn’t want to miss out on a turning signal God might be flashing and go the wrong way up a one way street . . .


How do you guys slow down to re-group?

Anything special you do?



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