Be true to your sorry #TheRunningWriter

Be true to your sorry.


Sorry is an interesting word. Have you ever stopped and thought about how many times you hear sorry or say sorry in a day?

People throw what word around quite a bit. Even when they’ve done nothing wrong.

Or they say sorry for someone else doing something to us.

“Feeling regret” is what I found as a definition. So, when I do something wrong or hurt someone, and I say I’m sorry, I’m telling them I regret hurting them or I regret what I’ve done.

Awesome. But then why do I do it again and again? It kind of makes my I’m sorry watered down. Empty words. Pretty soon people aren’t really going to believe it.

Don’t let your sorry become empty. If you really are sorry for something, show it. Show it by not doing what you did again. Show it by changing your ways.

We’re not perfect, I get that. We will screw up. But hopefully not exactly the same way each time. Because were we really sorry then?

Be true to your sorry.

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