Yes, even in the desert, there is water.

This is a lake near our home. My sweet hubby goes there weekly to swim, training for his first half Iron Man triathlon. Saturday, I rose with the morning birds and tagged along with my trusty lap top.

He hopped into the frigid waters, wetsuit and all, and swam his mile. The quiet beauty inspired me as  I plucked away at my keyboard. Having had hit a wall in my latest project, it was just what the doctor ordered.


I’d love to hear about the last place you found something beautiful.

4 thoughts on “BEAUTY

  1. Kat–I can totally see how sleep would be beautiful. When I’m tired, everything looks a little more dull than it should….

    Avily & Krista–Lightening…oh yeah. It’s a double edge sword for me, though. Freaks me out, but draws me in with it’s beauty.

    Thanks for visiting you guys!

  2. Most beautiful sight of God’s creation is hands down my girls. God has blessed me with the three most beautiful little girls and everytime I look at them, it takes my breath away.

    Nature wise, I was driving through Chicago a looonnnggg time ago (actually my daddy was driving) and they had a lightning storm. No rain, No wind. No thunder. Just lightning all around lighting up the skys. It was just wow.

  3. I see beautiful things all the time, but one of my favorites is lightning. A month or two ago during monsoon season, we had some GORGEOUS lightning storms. My roommate and I went out in hurricane conditions more than once just to enjoy the forces of nature. It was awesome!

  4. You’re going to think I’m joking, but the last place I found something beautiful was the back of my eyelids. Sometimes I have a lot of trouble sleeping, but last night, with the weather turning colder, I found the deepest, most beautiful, dreamless sleep I’ve been able to enjoy for a long, long time.

    I even forgot to turn on my alarm clock this morning but woke up at regular time feeling refreshed and ready to go.

    I’d like to go back there soon. 🙂

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