Beware the wind #TheRunningWriter

Beware the wind.


When it’s windy out here in the desert it looks eerie. Kind of like there is a beige tint to the air.

The other day the wind struck like a rattlesnake. Trees were bent over until their branches seemed to touch the ground.

And sure enough, the next day there were trees tipped over, uprooted.

It’s amazing to see that, because I would think with roots like that it’d never tip. But it can happen.

We must be ready for wind in our lives. If we’re not, we might topple over like those trees. Whether it be folding beneath the weight of financial problems. Giving into temptation. Battling illness.

Whatever the wind brings, you can handle. You are strong. It might not be easy and it might not end how you want, but you can face it.

With friends and family surrounding you, holding you up when needed, there’s no wind strong enough to knock you down all the way.

Stay strong, my friends.

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