Big Day Tomorrow…

Well, it’s never dull in the Lynn Rush Household.

Tomorrow marks the release of my first ever short story! Prelude to Darkness (Wasteland #.5).

It’s a point five because it’s a little prequel to Wasteland.

I really enjoyed writing this short story because it talks a little bit about David’s mom. In Wasteland, you learn that David’s half-demon status is because of HER!

And he’s none too happy about it…So, I thought I’d share Mom’s story.

It’ll be up on Amazon and is only 99-cents! How cool is that??

A few reviews have trickled in on Goodreads, CLICK HERE to check them out.

AND….(I told you it’s never dull around here)…I start my blog tour tomorrow!

Hope you can join me at Night Owl Reviews for a live chat. Their chats are soooo fun!  And there are always prizes.

CLICK HERE for details.




6 thoughts on “Big Day Tomorrow…

  1. Very excited for you, girl! Two in one week. You’re a machine! And I loved PRELUDE TO DARKNESS. Will be sure to buy my copy as soon as it goes on sale. 🙂

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