Bikes Fight Poverty #cycling

whyrideAs most of you know, my sweet mother in law lost her life to cancer, which is why I’ve always supported cancer research and treatment through the proceeds of my Lynn Rush books.

I’ll continue that tradition, but this year, I’m also adding poverty to the list.

And, it’s not my books doing the earning…it’s my bike!

Yep, my husband and I are biking to Mexico to raise money. We’re joining 1Mission and 207 miles and will be biking 100 miles per day to fight poverty.

We get to help raise money not only for a HOUSE for a family who needs one, but valuable life skills training to know how to manage and keep that house we’re building for them. That’s KEY in how we got involved in this.

Building a house for someone who needs one—great—but what happens after? If there isn’t some ownership and skills training associated with the house…they’ll just end up where they were again.

Check out the video from last year’s amazing ride:

(Or click here to see the video on Vimeo)

I hope you’ll consider supporting us and this wonderful cause.

CLICK HERE to view our fundraising page. Please spread the word, every little bit helps!!

Thanks, my friends!



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