Blessings #TheRunningWriter

You’ve heard the phrase, “count your blessings” right? It’s a famous hymn, and it’s a phrase used all the time. But what’s it mean to you?

I take it pretty literally. Sitting back and mentally cataloguing all the blessings in my life helps me see through the not so fun things going on.

Sometimes I even have to write them out. Seeing them hand written on a piece of paper is pretty powerful. Powerful enough to shake me out of a funk.

It’s easy for us to fall into the poor me cycle when things aren’t going as planned. Maybe work stuff is frustrating you. Or you’re experiencing relationship trouble. Drivers not yielding properly or going slow in the left lane.

Whatever the frustration,

it can sometimes life can feel like it’s knocking you down or it can feel like nothing is going your way. Stop and make a list of the good things (and people) in your life.

It’ll change your perspective for sure.

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