Face the sun #TheRunningWriter

These past couple of days have been cloudy, which is an abnormality here in the desert. It was a good reminder to soak up the sun when you can.

We’ll have dreary days in life, that’s a fact, but if we are searching for the sun, soaking up the bright spots of our lives when we can, it can carry us through the darks days.

Remembering that the sun will eventually shine again.

Remembering how we made it through the previous dark days.

Remembering that this, too, shall pass.

Stay firm in the fact that you are strong. You can survive. You will survive, my friends.

You’re worth it #TheRunningWriter

Isn’t it amazing how quickly we tell ourselves that we suck when we mess up? That we’re stupid or horrible because we made a mistake.

Why is that?

Why are we so incredibly hard on ourselves?

Everyone screws up. Everyone. There is not one perfect person out there.

Not. One.

So why do you hold yourself to a level of perfection?

Sure. We should try our very best to do right by ourselves, our family and those around us, but perfection? That’s a pretty big weight to try and carry around.

Give yourself a break. You’re worth it, my friends.

Here we go #TheRunningWriter

Are you a resolution setting kind of person? I’m not so much. Not officially anyway.

I kind of throw out a couple open-ended questions like: What can I do better and who can I help this coming year?

Then I kind of leave things open to see where those questions lead me.

With God, my sweet hubby, family and friends by my side, how can I fail?

Here we go, my friends.

Better not bitter #TheRunningWriter

It’s the last day of the year. That’s hard to believe, yet I’m thankful it is.

2018 was a tough year–the toughest one on record thus far. Even though it was a tough year marked by death and other significant changes, it was a year of growth.

Every single thing we face–good or bad–affects us. We grow wiser and stronger. The challenge is to not grow bitter.

I believe it starts with a choice.

For me, I choose growth and betterment. The alternative–cynicism and bitterness–are not what I want to leave as my legacy.

Bring it on, 2019. It’s going to be an amazing year!