What’s the point? #TheRunningWriter

Ever wonder why the heck we’re here? What are we meant to do?

Those are massively huge questions I think we all struggle with at some point in our lives.

And no. I don’t have the answer. LOL.

But yes. I struggle with these questions right along with you. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone. That we’re all working through tough life questions, events and stressors together.

We’re stronger together. So if you feel alone in what you’re facing, you’re not. Reach out and talk to someone. You’ll find out real quickly you’ve got people to walk along side you.

Stay strong, my friends. You are loved.

Look behind you #TheRunningWriter

I often hear that we should keep our eyes forward, looking ahead. That looking back can be harmful.

I partially agree.

Looking back can be harmful if you get stuck there, focusing on failures and regrets. But it can be helpful, too.

When we are out trail running, we often say look back, see what you just ran up! To do that is empowering. Looking at what you just climbed and successfully made it up can encourage you. Show you how strong you are.

Even in my author world. Looking back at the not so great choices I made and/or the unfortunate things that happened can empower me. I can learn from them, maybe even help a fellow writer avoid the same mistakes.

Tough roads and tough climbs are a part of life. Please don’t look back on them with regret, nothing good can come from that. Look at them and learn; draw power from them so you can make better choices and help those around you.

Stay strong my friends.

You can do it #TheRunningWriter

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Like you’re about to fold under the pressures of the day? Of life?

You can do it. You are strong.

Say it out loud with me.



Sometimes you just need to shout it. Scream it in the face of whatever is trying to drag you down if you have to.

You’re not alone in your struggles my friend. Hang in there, for you are loved.