Blogging A-Z

People ask me all the time why I blog so much. And really, it’s just fun. Hanging out, talking with you all, jawing about things going on…I love it. 

So, when I saw this little “challenge” Blogging A-Z in the month of April. I perked up. 

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It’s a fun concept. You blog every single day, from A-Z, one letter per day through the month of April.

What a fun idea, huh?

I’m thinking I might theme mine to music. Or movies. Besides reading/writing, those are two of my fave things. But yikes, I’ll have to find a band that starts with X….  

You going to try it? Join in the fun!!

5 thoughts on “Blogging A-Z

  1. This is the kind of thing that makes me want my own blog (even though I love my grog-mates), because it’s hard to pull off when you only have one day a week. Maybe I could squeeze 1/4 of the letters in each Wednesday, LOL. Have fun with it!

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