Book love isn’t reality #TheRunningWriter

Book love isn’t reality.


We’ve been talking about lies this week, and one I mentioned previously was about the men we meet in the books we read.

While we love reading love stories, if we let them, they can damage our perception of men. Of our personal love stories.

Remember earlier this week I mentioned how guys are visually geared – we aren’t. What we see doesn’t impact with us like men. Our vice is what we read.

It can stick with us, and we can start measuring our real life men me against those we read about in books.

So be careful. Books are fun and amazing to get lost in, I mean, I’m an author, so of course I love books. But what relationship lies can we get stuck in if we’re not careful?

My guy should treat me a certain way. Why doesn’t my guy do that for me? Why isn’t our sex life magical like theirs? Sex with whoever, whenever is ok. My guy should look different. I need to look different. I want a guy like that.

And so on.

Now hear me on this, I’m not bashing authors and books, I am one and have romance novels published. I’m just challenging you (myself included) to break through the lies we might start believing about reality based on the fiction we read.

If you think about it, we don’t like being compared to swimsuit models the guys see, so why should they have to suffer book boyfriend comparisons?

Let’s break through the lies gripping our hearts and minds, my friends. We are worth it. Our relationships are worth it. Our families are worth it.

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