Bookie Awards

WOW! I was nominated for a Bookie Award. I was shocked when I got the notification.

I was nominated for the  Reader Voted Star of Tomorrow  category!

Oh my word! Such an honor to be nominated! So, head on over and vote. CLICK HERE to reach the voting site.

Don’t forget to check out all the categories and vote for your favorite authors!!

I can’t wait for this conference. It’s going to be tons of fun!!


Giveaways! We have Giveaways!!

A signed copy of Violet Midnight over at Goodreads. CLICK HERE for that.

And my character, Emma, is giving away a copy that SHE’s signing! CLICK HERE for that.

Signed postcards with purchase. CLICK HERE for details on that.



2 thoughts on “Bookie Awards

  1. Congratulations! I tried voting for you but it was rejected because I had to vote for every category. That was kind of difficult since I hadn’t read or even heard of any of the other books or authors. Good luck!

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