Bruises #TheRunningWriter



When I was a kid, I climbed a tree in the dead of winter—Minnesota winter—in a full on snow mobile suit.

Yeah. Those thick, puffy ones that you can’t really move around in. Just picture A Christmas Story.

Anyway. I did ok getting up there, right up until a branch cracked.

I’ll never forget the sound of that thing snapping. And then the feel of me floating through the air. It was a long twelve feet down.

Despite the padding, the landing hurt. Oh my gosh did it hurt. I looked at my friend, Shannon, and asked, “Am I dead?”

I can laugh now, but man, I was scared back then. I couldn’t breathe and my ribs ended up being bruised pretty good.

I’ll never forget that feeling of not being able to breathe. The wind got knocked out of me and I didn’t realize what was going on.

Life can do that you, too. It can knock you pretty hard—to the point of stealing your breath until you think you’re going to die.

Cling to your friends, your faith, and your loved ones to get you through. You are not alone. No matter what you’re facing, you can make it. You might have some bruises and feel like you can’t breathe a bit, but stay strong. You’ll get through it.

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