#Cancer Update

Most of you know by now, I donate a portion of my proceeds to the American Cancer Society. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and your support! Here’s  a little update:

Cancer struck my life with a vengeance November 2010 with the announcement of my Mother in Law’s Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) diagnosis.

She died October 24th, 2011. 

She was my inspiration and the reason I took LYNN as my pen name. A brilliant writer who never pursued publication, she constantly wrote. I found out at my wedding when she read something she’d penned for the wedding specifically.

Not a dry eye in the church!

So, I found it fitting she’d read the first thing I ever wrote (bless her heart). Despite how horrible it was (it really was, too!) she was a pillar of encouragement and support. Of course she said it needed a lot of work, but still, she encouraged me to pursue this.

She got to see my first published book before she died. It’s a memory I’ll cherish forever. I was in Iowa, helping care for her, when my author copies of WASTELAND arrived in Phoenix. While I was sad to miss the newbie author experience of me opening the boxes of my first ever pubbed book, my sweet hubby shared tons of pictures with me as he opened the boxes.

Then he quick UPSED me a few.

The day my books arrived to Iowa at my in-law’s house was exactly the right timing. We’d just received some pretty hard news about how her cancer had spread and that the outlook wasn’t promising.

And then the doorbell rang.

I got to share the first copy of WASTELAND with her. We shed tears of joy amongst the tears of sadness. But at least she got to hold the book she helped inspire me to write.

She died less than two months later and hadn’t been able to read the book due to the symptoms of her cancer. She’ll never see another one of my books release, but every book milestone I experience, she’s in my heart sharing it with me.

Just after Lynn died. A dear friend was diagnosed with uterine cancer (stage 4). She battled through it and is now on a monitor every few months status. Praise God.

This past May, my Mum–she’s technically my step-mom and is from England, hence the MUM part :)–was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. A four-inch tumor in her spine rendered her to a wheelchair/walker. This mountain climber & marathoner battled through surgery, just finished up the last of her chemo and is now facing radiation. She’s gained some mobility back in her legs but has a ways to go.

It’s a mountain she will summit!

Over this past summer, a dear friend’s father died less than two months after his cancer diagnosis! That was such a shocker and ripped my heart out. Especially since this dear friend had also lost her mother to cancer over 10 years earlier.

But, from the sadness good shall rise. We raised over $3000 for the American Cancer Society on our Ragbrai bike across Iowa! It was an amazing experience biking 407 miles in five days. Our next event might be a half-marathon in January…we’ll see how things roll out.


Thank you so much for your support!!



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