As you know, a portion of all my proceeds goes to the American Cancer Society. So, I thank you for your support. Each book of mine you buy helps a little bit! So, spread the word and remember, books make GREAT Christmas gifts!!

Onto the update.

I have mixed news today. I’ll start with the good, because sometimes it’s just hard to see it through all the cancer YUCK out there.

My dear friend made it through intense radiation for thyroid cancer. She’s on the mend and will check in with her docs in six months. I’m thanking GOD for that bit of good news. My friend is such a tough, wonderful, beautiful person. I pray 2013 will be CANCER FREE!

My step mom is doing well! Radiation ends this Thursday, but she’s responding well. Her leg strength and ability to walk hasn’t improved as much as we’d all hoped, but she’s still fighting. Doing that physical therapy, strengthening every chance she can!

My dear friend, Sandy, is facing more chemo and/or radiation for the recent spot of cancer found in her abdomen. She’s already gone through quite a few rounds of both for the other cancer…that, thankfully, is gone. But this new bit popped up and she had to have surgery. So, she’s healing up for that, and they’re making plans for her next bout of treatment. So, say a quick prayer for her.

I have a prayer log started for those who are dealing with cancer, or know someone. If you want a name added to it, please, leave a comment below so I can be thinking and praying about you guys. Doesn’t have to be full names, just first names. Or even initials. But if you want me praying for someone, please, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. I call it my Cancer Prayer Wall! It’s on the desktop of my computer, so I see it all the time!!

Thanks again for all your support!

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  1. Lynn, I meant to comment on Monday when you posted, but my mailbox got full & I lost it. Just wanted to say…my thoughts and prayers go with your friend. I will also add your friend to my church prayer chain.

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