Happy 2013. Here’s looking to a cancer-free year! **crosses fingers**

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has purchased ANY Lynn Rush book since July, when I started donating a portion of all my proceeds to the American Cancer Society. YOU are helping make a difference. So thank you!

I will continue to donate for 2013 as well. Cancer is an ugly, ugly thing, and I just want to try and help some little way since I’m blessed enough to get to do what I love–write!!

So, onto the cancer update!

See for yourself:

Mum and Lynn

Doesn’t MUM look amazing? She was beautiful bald, but look at her hair growing back? She’s so beautiful.

She’s getting stronger and stronger each day. Can even walk across the room unassisted.

Mum has run 20+ marathons, climbed mountains, so I knew she’d kick this no-walking-thing in the butt!


It was my second Christmas without my mother-in-law, Lynn, who I call Mom II. I still felt the void, but it wasn’t as difficult as last Christmas. And with 2013 coming up with lots of new releases, Lynn’s name will be out there and she’ll be close to me through all the excitement.

Thanks for all your prayers and support! Remember, if you want a name added to the “Prayer Wall” that I keep on my computer, let me know, I’ll be praying!!

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