#CancerSucks Update

Hey gang. It’s about that time again….#CancerSucks update.

As you know a portion of all my sales benefit the American Cancer Society. Cancer hit my family hard and fast over the last two years, and I thank you for all the support you’ve shown.

This update has both good and not so good news, so I ask you for your prayers.

My Mum had another CLEAR blood scan this past week. This mountain climber and marathoner was reduced to a wheel chair at one point during her spinal surgery to remove her cancer. She’s back to walking just fine and had another clear blood scan. Next PET scan isn’t until January, so we’re praying for continued clear scans.

My friend Sandy had another scan and a spot was detected, so now we’re in the waiting game again to find out what’s next. It was sad to hear this after she’d had good news the last one.

My friend’s mother passed away a couple weeks ago. She’d only been diagnosed a month earlier. It happened so fast. My heart aches for the family.

My dear friend, Frank, is still struggling through his chemo and radiation. Keep him in your thoughts as we continue to pray for healing for his brain tumor.

CancerSucksNamesI’m running a race next week, and I’ve dedicated the race and my training to Lynn (my mother in law who passed away two years ago from cancer), Frank, Rachel and Linda. It’s the AZ Pain Train. CLICK HERE  to get to the site. 

Spread the word, because you never know, it could be your dollar that helps find a cure. I’m ready to kick cancer’s butt. How ’bout you?

If cancer is touching your life, feel free to leave a comment. I’ll add you to the cancer prayer wall I keep on my computer.

Thanks for your support, my friends.


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