#CancerSucks Update

Hey, fellow readers and friends. 

If you’re new to the blog–first, I want to say HI!!–Second, I usually do a little update on the whole cancer thing since I give a portion of every book sold to the cause. 

This month, unfortunately, has been a bit of a bummer on the cancer front. Another family member has been touched by the ugly disease. My uncle received a stage four lung cancer diagnosis within the last week. It just breaks my heart.

Another friend received a diagnosis of a brain tumor within that last couple of weeks as well. They’re not sure it’s cancer yet, but he’s starting the process of finding out soon.

My dear friend, Sandy, had a check up scan, and they found a little “spot” that is curious. So….they’re watching that now, too. The other cancer is gone, so we’re sad to see this tiny spot show up.

But with the bad, there is good…. 

My Mum received another all clear blood test! In the end, the four-inch tumor that rendered this former marathoner and mountain climber immobile for months was no match for this amazing, tough woman!! Mum has made HUGE steps forward. She’s walking ON HER OWN. No walker, elbow crutches OR canes!! 

And guess what? This is such an awesome story, I tear up when I type this. One year ago, this month, Mum was running a 10k race and during it her back hurt really bad. She finished the race in tons of pain, which was weird for her. She’d run over 20 marathons in her life, hiked mountains, had endless energy.

Needless to say, within a few weeks, docs found the four-inch tumor in her spine that was causing the pain, and she underwent surgery and started intensive chemo. She lost all her hair, lost the ability to walk unassisted, and had every reason to be sad.

But let me tell you, she wasn’t.

And now, THIS month, exactly one year later, she’s participating in that SAME RACE that revealed her cancer. Yep. ONE YEAR LATER she’s going to walk/jog that race. 

She’s such an inspiration. Yeah, she’s never going to be the same. May never get her full capacity to walk/run like she used to, but she’s fighting. Moving forward. She’s going to show up at the very race that she could barely finish because of a tumor and kick that race’s BUTT! Cancer free!


If you guys have any cancer stories to share, please do. If you have anyone you want me to add to my cancer prayer wall, please let me know by either leaving the person’s first name in the comments section or emailing me LynnRush (at) lynnrush (dot) com. 

Thanks again for all your support. You guys ROCK!



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