Time for another update. For those of you who are new to the site/my work, I donate a portion of my book sales to the American Cancer Society. As to why, my mother-in-law passed away from bile duct cancer. She was an amazing woman, and her name was Lynn.

Yes, same as mine!! That’s because I picked hers to be my pen name.

She was an awesome writer (unpublished) and read my very first novel–and it was seriously lacking. Somehow she found the positives and encouraged me to jump into this crazy-awesome world of writing/publishing.

So now, every book of mine that gets published has her name on it. And that just makes me smile!

Cancer has touched almost everyone’s life in some fashion. And within the past two years, cancer has crept into my life through my family and friends. Even taken a few of them away from me. I figured donating part of my proceeds was the least I could do to try and help.

Every month I try to do a little update. Some aren’t so fun—like this one.

A dear writing friend, who I met within the first year or so I began writing, has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. It’s treatable through chemo and radiation, though, so that’s good. He starts treatment next week. Such a brilliant, caring, encouraging, strong man.

My uncle received a stage four lung cancer diagnosis a few weeks ago. Scans show it’s spread to his bones and various other parts of his body. The prognosis isn’t good, even with chemo.

Pennys back to racingOn a brighter note, my Mum is still receiving clear scans. Did fantastically in the race she walk-jogged last month too! It was that same race last year that caused her enough pain in her back to go to the hospital where they found the 4-inch tumor in her spine.

So, coming back to that race, cancer free, and mostly walking again, was an awesome feat. Especially since she was rendered immobile from that tumor in her spine for quite some time.


Is cancer touching your life somehow?

Feel free to leave your story in the comments or email it directly to me (LynnRush {at} lynnrush {dot} com) and I’ll add you to my cancer prayer wall.

Thanks for your support everyone. You guys ROCK!

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  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. My father-in-law is currently battling another outbreak of lymphoma (this will be his 3rd time beating it). My sister’s mother-in-law is battling a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer and seems to be doing ok. We lost my husband’s uncle late last year to cancer that had spread through his entire body by the time he went to his first doctor’s visit (yes, they were talking hospice immediately). Another couple of friends are battling lung cancer and colon cancer right now.

    I really hate cancer. What I love is watching the outpouring of kindness, love and support that these friends are receiving from all around them.

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