A peek into my crazy mind…#TheRunningWriter


Yep. There’s a look into my scary mind.

And no, it’s not scary that I get up at 4am to run. It’s scary that I need an alarm to remember to get into the shower.


I seriously lose hours when I’m writing. My characters keep chatting, changing directions, or just flat out talking up a storm. I legit forget to do things.

That’s why I have to set alarms. My hubby jokes that I need to set one to remember to breathe.

It’s not quite that chaotic in my head.


What are your little tricks to staying on task–and on time?

2,000 Reads Celebration


To say thank you, I’ve got a little giveaway going on. Be sure to follow the entire time it’s live, because I’ll be adding opportunities to earn entries every couple of days! Thanks for all the support you’ve shown JADED RAGE!

I have had a BLAST getting to know my way around Wattpad and getting to meet all you awesome authors and readers!

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Which book should I post on WATTPAD?

I’ve got the blurbs to both below. Let me know which one you’d like to see on WATTPAD. 🙂

They are both on the sweet side of romance, despite what the blurb might indicate–LOL.

Despite the powerful electricity flowing through Dakota’s fingertips, the demons she protects her college campus from have killed every man she’s ever loved. To survive the emotional anguish, she hides behind her vow to lead her team of demon-fighting agents—until Tom.

The new, curiously strong, agent claims she’s his prophesied protector and stronger than she could ever imagine. His subtle charm sneaks through her barriers and steals her safely guarded heart. But a stinging betrayal of one of her teammates leads to a devastating battle that leaves her soul fractured.

If the team fails to find the demon responsible and restore Dakota to her former self, the millennia-old prophecy of their union will remain unfulfilled, leaving the souls of every human vulnerable.

Waitress, Morgan Brooks, lives a carefree life filled with booze, drugs, and sex-indulgences. A lost soul, she stumbles through each day in a daze, dragging friends down with her, waiting for something to happen. But when a demon attacks and nearly kills her, she cries out to God and begs him for a second chance.

Her new lease on life is riddled with fine print. Assigned to a beautiful, yet mysterious, mentor, Tanner Webbs, who can’t stand the sight of her, Morgan is forced to use disturbing new abilities to collect souls for heaven. To make matters worse, her powers have attracted an ancient demon who sees her as the key to unlocking a new race of vampires.

Against her better judgment, Morgan finds herself more and more drawn to Tanner. But when their connection throws him in harm’s way, her training as a soul saver is tested in a life-or-death showdown with evil.

Maybe God had planned for their partnership to be a temporary one all along…

Hoping to post one of these stories come January 2018!!


Want to be my Secret Santa?

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You could be my Secret Santa…or I could be yours. How fun would that be?

I’ve joined up with Agency Sib and friend, Kelly Anne Blount, for this fun adventure, so it’s sure to be a blast.

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Merry Christmas, my friends!