Celebrate Good Times. . .

Time to celebrate!

Hi, everyone. David Sadler here. Lynn wrote about my life in her novel, Wasteland. As you might have heard, our story is going to be published!

Now, I know I just got out of 245 years of sensory depravation, and my ears are sensitive to sounds, but I think I heard her celebrating all the way up north here.

I cannot blame her, really. I am still in shock someone would want to read about my unique existence. It is not every day I hear about someone’s mother signing her child’s soul over to the devil, condemning him to a life of evil.

But then again, I have been away for a long time, what do I know? I can barely figure out this device called a cellular phone, and it has taken me two days to figure out what a blog is, let alone how to—what do you call it?—post an entry…

To celebrate this momentous occasion I am going to host a contest this week and give some fun things away. I won’t reveal the prizes, though, until the end of the week. They could range from books, to gift cards, to . . . well—I will surprise you.

You will have chances all week to enter the drawing. For today, you can gain TWO entries by:

1) leaving a comment here on this blog post.

2) leaving a comment on my Wasteland page (CLICK HERE)

Stay tuned…tomorrow I will give you a chance to earn THREE entries.

22 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times. . .

    • lbdiamond–Thanks for your congrats. I have watched this road to publication take many turns for Lynn. I rather enjoy this one!

  1. 245 years? That’s an awful lot of sensory depravation! David, I can’t wait to read your story and see how things unfold for you in this new world. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll love it! Congratulations to you and your maker on the publication of your story!


    • Thank you, Elise. Yes. It was supposed to have been 250…for some reason Master let me out early. Working on trying to figure out why. . . 🙂

    • Thank you, Ciara! I will be sure to pass that on to Lynn. I know for a fact that she’s very thankful to have you as one of her critique partners.

  2. Calculate the risks David-capture Rebeka’s heart and risk time unknown in sensory deprevation or don’t and risk what you might have had.
    The choice isn’t easy but I vote for going after Rebeka

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