Changing the Giveaway Rules….

Amazon and Barnes and Noble jumped the gun…Violet Midnight is no longer a pre-order…it’s live. People are already getting their hard copies of Violet Midnight.

~~If they can change the rules, so can I!~~

We had a pre-order special going on that if you sent your pre-order link in you’d get an autographed postcard (CLICK HERE for that post). Well, since the electronic versions don’t go live until the 15th of October……not everyone can get in on the free gift for ordering.


We’re keeping the offer for an autographed postcard open through October 19th (Midnight Pacific Time)–a few days after the electronic versions go live.

So, be sure to grab your copy of Violet Midnight and forward the proof of purchase to We’ll mail you an autographed postcard!

A few things to note:

1. A portion of all proceeds benefit cancer research & awareness.

2. Books make great gifts, so if you gift the book to people, those, too, earn an autographed postcard. Just need the snail mail addresses to send them to.

3. This is open internationally.

5 thoughts on “Changing the Giveaway Rules….

  1. You my friend are an outstanding person for doing what you are for the ones that thought they were preordering Violet Midnight,(which by the way I have trouble putting down and I love Emma and Jake and I am not saying anything else until I am done lol) I wanted to let you know that I did get my signed postcard. Thank you so much for that. I don’t often get a chance to receive signed items and I love and cherish the ones I get. But I would like to some time get a signed book from you. Maybe one day!
    Happy reading and writing*

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