hopeI first saw the clip below at my church. Yep, they rolled this on the big screen and I almost freaked out. Seriously. But, if you watch it all the way through, you’ll be surprised.


In February, I saw this little video again on Hope42day‘s blog.

It’s time I share it too.

I challenge you all to grab this clip and spread it around.





It can be found at:


What’d you think?


8 thoughts on “CHANGING THE WORLD–Reverse

  1. Very cool! I just saw the same sort of thing regarding salvation, where he talks about God is not the creator of the universe, but then it reverses and makes a very powerful statement about God’s salvation and power.
    Thanks for posting that!

  2. Thanks guys. Yeah, when I first saw this clip in church a few months ago, I was so bummed. I’m like, “How come they’re rolling this? But then, as it reversed, I felt so empowered!” We can reverse things….if we try. Right?

    Glad y’all stopped by today!

  3. Wow. That’s really cool. At first I was thinking that you had posted a really depressing video, but that reversal was really amazing.

    Thanks for sharing.

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