lightningwomenSo, last week, a FaceBook Friend of mine contacted me asking if I wanted to participate in a Paranormal Authors Fight Club. I’m always up for a writing challenge, so I asked for more info.

Turns out, Terry, provided the first few sentences and eight writers would write a story from them. It could be a short story, the makings of a novel, whatever . . . and then the first 1000 words or so would be put up on her blog for voting.

“Sure. I’ll give that a whirl.”

So, Terry sent out the sentences and my brain started churning over the possibilities. I love starting new stories. Just staring at a blank word document. It’s much like a painter, I think, who stares at a blank canvas with just a tiny speck of an idea brewing in his or her mind . . .

Then, once the brush touches the canvas . . . Ball game.

It’s much like that in writing–at least for me. I had these few sentences, right? I could go ANY direction I wanted . . . so, I opened that blank word document, let my fingers hover over the worn out keys of my little MacBook Pro for a while as I thought, and then I started typing.

I didn’t stop for nearly five thousand words.

Come on, I had to eat, you know.

Once back at the computer, the words still flowed. Another four thousand  . . .

The next day, I finally quit after reaching nearly 13,000 words.

It’s just amazing what can happen when given a prompt.

I won my “fight off” and am on to the next round—so, wish me luck…and if you like the story, cast a vote my way on the next round of voting (Starts Thursday).

If you want to read the beginning part I entered in the “fight”  CLICK HERE-it’s called CHARGED

Thanks, Terry. This is FUN!!


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