I find it so interesting meeting people who do extraordinary things. It’s just neat. Why? you might ask?  I don’t know, I think it’s just neat to find out what motivates people to do these things.  Like my dad, for instance. In earlier posts, you’ve seen how he’s climbed a few mountains in Kenya, France, Colorado, Washington, etc. He’s motivated by the challenge, and the beauty he’s rewarded with at the top of the mountain.  To see God’s beauty from the top of a mountain is like nothing else I’ve heard him say.

Well, this weekend, my husband did his third Triathlon.  He’s been training, and still is, for his first half triathlon in October.  This one he swam, biked and ran yesterday was part of his training. There were athletes all over the place. Some rather achieved and some just trying something new for the first time ever. I even saw some riding their bikes with sandals on. Yeah, I thought that was strange too, but hey, what do I know, right? 

Anyway, so what’s this got to do with writing? Well, I think of it similar in some ways: 1) Like an athlete, we train hard as well. Going to conferences, getting involved in critique groups, and taking classes.  2) Like an athlete, we go through injuries and need recovery. So our injuries are overt, like a broken foot or crash on a bike leaving us with less skin on our elbows, but, getting rejections from editors and agents, those are injuries from which we need to recover sometimes.  3) Like an athlete, we compete with other top notch people.  There are so many talented writers out there in each of our genres.  It’s difficult to stand out or be the best, so we enter contests and mingle with other authors, editors, and agents when we can.  

It’s much the same if you think about it.  A lot of hard work, training, and dedication.

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