Christmas Music Countdown

Happy Christmas Eve!

It’s time for the number ONE song on my Top Five Christmas Music Countdown.

Mary Did You Know? by Spoken.

I know many people have sung versions of this song, and really it wouldn’t matter who was signing it, because the words are really what get me. Specifically:

This child that you’ve delivered will soon deliver you.

Holy cow that’s a powerful statement.




Happy Christmas Eve. Have a great one!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Music Countdown

  1. AWESOME AWESOME Choice. I ADORE this song. Have you ever heard the version by Michael Crawford? He was the original Phantom of the Opera in London and has an amazing voice. You are correct- any version is great. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Lynn. Jillian

  2. Beautiful!! Love this song. What a powerful line. I also love the line. “Did you know when you kissed your baby, you kissed the face of God.”

    There are so many powerful lines in this song.

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