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My good friend, KM Wilsher, and I are heading out to Harkins Theatres each month to watch a choice movie.

We’ll let you know if it’s worth you spending your hard-earned money or not.

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Now…onto the movie.



Synopsis from IMDB:

Betty Anne Waters (Swank) is a high school dropout who spent nearly two decades working as a single mother while putting herself through law school, tirelessly trying to beat the system and overturn her brother’s (Rockwell) unjust murder conviction.


My Review:

Holy cow. Now, I first have to say, I’m not one to go to movies like this. I mean, I really like my supernatural, paranormal, crazy movies….not ones that are emotional, based on true stories, and too close to real life.

I mean, I go to movies to escape the every day, right? But that’s just me.

Anyway, we tried this movie–Conviction, which is based on a true story. Oh my word, it was good. First, the acting. Okay, I always knew Hilary Swank could act. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of her movies. She’s fantastic.

I hope she gets nominated for something with Conviction. She totally deserves it. Her acting yanked me into each and every scene. My gut wrenched. I cried, laughed, growled in frustration…nearly every emotion she portrayed. She did a fantastic job.

I first remember Sam Rockwell from Charlie’s Angels. Yeah, I’m sure he’d done others and you’re probably thinking, “Charlie’s Angels? Come on, Lynn. . . .” But it’s true. I loved him in that one. He was a wicked-good bad guy. I watched him over the years since that…he’s good. And he does this movie REALLY well. I got so ticked at him sometimes when he was doing dumb stuff, but still…that’s good, because that means he’s doing his job!

Even while watching the trailer tears streamed down my face. The emotion between Swank and Rockwell was amazing. Loved it!

I have to give this our highest rating:

5 tickets: A must see. Buy a ticket for everyone.


Have you seen it? What’d you think?


Now, pop on over to KM’s blog and she what she thought of it.



5 thoughts on “Cinema Sound Off

  1. I love Hillary Swank and I love an emotional movie more. I’m with you on the paras but a movie that succeeds on taking me through it’s emotional rollercoaster can be just as fun. This is a great idea…Can’t wait till next month.

  2. Hi, Lynn.
    Great review. I guess I have to see it. Although, I’m with you. I prefer not so true life movies. I clicked on KM’s blog but she didn’t have her review up yet. I’ll try back later. Thanks for sharing.

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