Circle of Friends Award

Ahhh, my sweet friend, Michelle Sutton, honored me with this award.


Ever meet someone who makes you smile when they do? My friend, Michelle, does that. How ’bout someone who makes you giggle when they do? Yep, she does that as well.

When I joined ACFW and then its local Chapter CWOW, I got to know her better. She’s become a good friend and such a great encourager on my writing journey as well.

Okay, I’m supposed to list five things I love to do. Gosh, there are quite a few things I enjoy doing, but here are a few:

1. Road biking wth my sweet hubby.

2. Writing

3. Reading

4. Hanging with my friends (both in person and online chats)

5. Listening to music

God has brought so many wonderful people into my life, I’d like to mention just a few:

KM Wilsher

Lori Lundquist

Kat Harris

Sandi Greene

Your turn, ladies.

2 thoughts on “Circle of Friends Award

  1. Awwww…. thank you for mentioning me. The feeling is SO mutual, sister friend! LOVE YOU! You are SUCH a blessing to my life.
    Am I supposed to mention 5 things I love doing? I will anyway. 🙂
    1. Just about anything with My Daniel. He’s my best bud.
    2. Anything that has to do with STORY: Writing, Reading, Watching Movies, Singing/Listening to music
    3. Taking photographs
    4. Exercising – running, hiking, swimming, tennis, basketball, and more…
    5. Meeting someone and knowing right away there is a bond, a connection, that it was a Divine Appointment, meant to be, a gift from God. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, to say my heart is happy would be a gross understatement. Relationships are what life’s about! Right?
    Write on, everybody!

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