Confessions of a Watery Tart…


Now, the name of the blog alone makes you want to go check it out, doesn’t it?

Please do. Hart Johnson is interviewing me today over at the Confessions of a Watery Tart. Leave a comment on her post and you’ll earn TWENTY-FIVE entries toward the Kindle Giveaway!

See you over there!!


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11 thoughts on “Confessions of a Watery Tart…

  1. I’ sorry. Every time I tried to log into the interview today the page froze on me so I couldn’t read it. I’m sure it was as superb as the one you, Beka, David and the others did.

    • Hi, Amy. So far…I’m thinking the character interviews are fun. Especially that four word interview. 🙂 LOL!!! And then the one with Kendall. That chat. That was great. I’m so informal, so I like those the best.

      • Personally, when I am reading author interviews/blogs I think the informal ones are the most fun to read. I think the stuffy interview days are over – the authors of today are much closer to their audience and the informal interviews give the fans a chance to get to know their favorite authors better. I really am enjoying the blog tour!

  2. All of the interviews are so different, do you have a say in what types of interviews are going to happen, or do you just kinda get thrown in the mix?

    And sorry about all the different avatars!! I have different ones all over the place. I like the variety! LOL

    • Hi, Amy. Sometimes the blog host asks me ideas or thoughts about what type of interview but some have a set outline/questions. I like the variety, too! This has been an awesome blog tour. And I am tracking all your avatars…you’re racking up entries toward that kindle!!! Woot!!!!!

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