Cover Flat Giveaway


Since I just got my cover flats delivered last week, I figured we might have to have a little giveaway….

Some people have asked why we get these cover flats?

It’s just a fun way to celebrate the book. They’re signed, so….If you want,  you can put them right over the book you purchase. That way, if you’re not around for one of my book signings, you, essentially, have a signed book.

Some people collect them like movie posters.

Some people frame them…but I’m thinking that’s mostly just me and my family.

They’re just part of the fun.

So….for the giveaway –>  just leave a comment here on the blog for an entry into the drawing. If you want an extra entry into the drawing, tweet this contest (put @lynnrush and #wasteland in your tweet so I see it, k?)

That’s it. Totally easy.

As with any “giveaway” I have to state some rules. *boo, I know*

1.  US Residents only

2.  Up to two entries only (can’t leave twenty comments and do twenty tweets to get forty entries **smile**)

3.  Giveaway ends 10pm (Pacific Time) tonight (7/31/11)

4.  I’ll announce the winner on the blog by Tuesday August 2nd (Because here’s a secret…I’ll be announcing another giveaway that day, too! YAY!!)

Okay, I think that sums up the “rules.” Really, this is just in fun, guys, so enjoy. August and September look to be busy months planning for the big release of Wasteland that first week of September! I foresee lots of contests and giveaways….

So…stay tuned!

27 thoughts on “Cover Flat Giveaway

  1. congrats Lynn, I love the cover its beautiful, I love the colors, the single feather, its really beautiful, just wanted to say that, I cant enter cause Im in Canada, but love the cover.

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