Dakota is Charged

Hi, everyone. Dakota Summers here.

We’re halfway through the week of celebrations here on the Catch the Rush blog.

Havin’ fun yet?

I have been. It’s kinda cool meeting some of the other people Lynn’s written about. There are some pretty crazy people out there.

But then again, the fact that I can control electricity isn’t exactly normal, so I better shut up.

I really liked Ashley’s post Monday.

I know a few telepaths, and I can see how hard it would be to get close to anyone. My teammate, Sean, hops into my brain and reads me all the time.

No matter how thick of a mental wall around my thoughts I throw up, he still sneaks in there once in a while.

Drives me nuts, and I’ve kicked his a—er—butt a few times over it. But then he flashes that cute, heart-melting, spine-tingling smile at me, and I forget how mad at him I was.

Okay…easily distracted here. Back to the post.

So, since I can control electricity, I thought it’d be fun to see what you knew about it.

Give these little trivia questions a try:

1.  How many homes can the electricity in one bolt of lighting service?

2.  What was the first lighthouse to use electricity?

3.  How many volts can an electric eel produce in an electric shock?

Any guesses?

Even if you don’t have a guess, still leave a comment so you’re entered in the drawing for the $25.00 gift card.


I’ll tell Lynn to throw your name in again if you head over to Mark of the Heir and leave a comment there!

So, that’s a chance to earn TWO entries into the drawing. . .

Oh, and if you’re curious for the answers, I’ll post them later tonight.


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