DEATH CRAWL–sports edition

The death crawl. Have you heard of it? It sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Like crawling to your death or something.

Now, despite being a sports junkie,I don’t necessarily love football. I’d much rather sit and watch a baseball or basketball game, anyday. BUT…that having been said…I’ve found some football movies that have been really good. Mostly because it’s not just about the game but about teamwork or motiviation. Or even faith.

I’ve heard a bunch about this movie, “Facing the Giants,” but have not seen it. A facebook friend of mine sent me a clip of the movie on Sunday. And let me tell you, it rocked my world.

The clip is six minutes long, but I hope you watch it. I truly believe you’ll be moved, even if you hate sports…seriously.




Just like the coach is next to that kid the entire way, encouraging him, yelling at him, and challenging him, God is there for us as well. Yep, even when things are feeling too painful, or our arms and legs are burning from the death crawl of life, He is there.

Are we listening for Him?

We can go further than we ever imagined if we’re focused on His voice guiding us through it all.


Has there ever been a movie that has affected you in an unexpected way?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sports movie.

For me, another is “Remember the Titans” and “Hoosiers.”


8 thoughts on “DEATH CRAWL–sports edition

  1. Wow, what a powerful clip! Thanks for sharing that!

    I haven’t seen it either… 🙁

    Sports movies are give or take for me. I loved Remember the Titans, but then there were a couple baseball ones with Kevin Costner (field of dreams excluded) that were kinda blah.

    Thanks for the post, Lynn!

  2. Amen Sister! Rock on.

    Other than The Passion of the Christ (duh–I know), The Green Mile had a huge impact on me.

    The other one that comes to mind — not so much for the movie, itself, but for one scene is Signs. I love that little scene where Mel Gibson’s character is talking about two kinds of people in the world — the kind that see signs and the kind that just believe in random events. Good stuff.

  3. Well, an obvious one is Amazing Grace, which really blew me away because it portrayed not one dramatic event, but the work of a faithful man’s lifetime. He could have given up at any time, and many people might have. Instead, he persevered, and helped change a terrible injustice.

    Completely different but equally inspiring to me is the movie Babe, about the sheep-herding pig. That movie makes me cry, even when I also laugh at myself for crying at an animated pig movie! It shows that love survives in the most unexpected people. “That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.”

  4. Billy–yes, Shawshank…great one!
    Tracy–I really enjoyed Last Samurai as well! Surprisingly. I can’t stand Tom Cruise, but the movie was good!
    Janelle–I LOVED Ultimate Gift. Great transformation, wasn’t it?
    Gzusfreek–Dead Poets Society was a good one too. Loved Robin Williams in that. Sad movie, but good.

    I know, I have to get Facing the Giants. I’m so wanting to see it now.

  5. ” Facing the Giants is an awesome movie (I gasped when you said you hadn’t seen it yet). ” I’m with Janelle – you have to see it!

    The one that really affected me was “Dead Poets Society”

    I don’t watch it over and over like LOTR’s, Lost Boys or even Hoosiers, but I remember the earth moved under my feet when I saw: “Dead Poets Society”

  6. Well, the most recent movie that impacted me is “The Ultimate Gift” but Facing the Giants is an awesome movie (I gasped when you said you hadn’t seen it yet). I loved the ultimate gift because as the main character learned how to work, give, live on nothing, be a friend, love, etc. he couldn’t help but to change inside.

  7. I totally agree with Billy on Shawshank – Steven King! Huh? ‘Course the same could be said for The Green Mile. That aside, as for sports movies, I usually like most of them since they’re typically inspirational and motivational. Don’t forget to add Rudy to your list – that was a great one too! Yes, you have to see Facing the Giants – it really is a fantastic movie.

    To once again move away from the sports theme, I’d have to say that Schindler’s List Life as a House, We Were Soldiers, The Last Samurai and The Notebook (and the other Nicholas Sparks movies) were exceptional and moving too. Blessings!

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