Debate This…P!nk vs Blondie

Debate This is all about voicing your opinion on really important things, such as Pepsi Vs. Coke, Nike Vs. Converse, and Twinkies Vs. Ho-Hos. **smile** Okay, so maybe they’re not super important, but they’re at least fun things to jaw about. . . .

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P!nk vs Blondie

You all know I love P!nk. Her unique voice, the pink hair, and powerful lyrics. But Blondie, back in the day, with the black streak in her blond hair and her unique voice…she was pretty good, too.

They each bring some unique things to the table. Blondie was edgy for her time as P!nk is edgy for this time.

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21 thoughts on “Debate This…P!nk vs Blondie

  1. Wow, they are neck and neck! I am from the Blondie generation, but for me, it’s PINK all the way! Her lyrics are so empowering, so encouraging, so what girls need to hear ( and needed to hear in my generation too!!! ) And packaged in a totally cool, in your face, rocker chick package! I want to be PINK when I grow up. . . ok, when I grow younger 😉

  2. Definitely Blondie. If you can come out of the cheesy 80s music scene without looking crazy, you’ve done something right. You can still hear Blondie songs on the radio. Not sure if we’ll hear Pink songs 20-30 years from now…

  3. I really like Pink, but I don’t think being Pink has required as much daring as being Blondie back in the day. Debbie Harry really had to be out there, and she is one of the few who made it work without selling out. Not that I think Pink has sold out, but I think we are more tolerant now of musician eccentricities. I like, however, that my daughter has some female power singers to look to instead of the the sex sells stuff most of it is.

    • Yeah. I hear ya. I love P!nk. She has some fantastic songs. Yet, some are a bit too much for me. I won’t even post them on the blog. But a lot of her songs are pretty awesome. You’re right about the sex sells comment. It’s difficult to see what it is like now compared to back then… Thanks for coming by!!

  4. I DID love Blondie back in the day and still do. In fact, I woke up with one of her songs in my head today! LOL! But P!nk is awesome. Her voice just speaks to me- her songs always find a way on my playlists I make for my novels. She is just an amazing talent.

  5. I’m totally showing my age here, but I don’t care :P. Pink is very cool and original, and despite the fact that her music isn’t really my style, I have a huge amount of respect for her because of her originality and talent. But Blondie was the one that paved the road for artists like Pink, and still holds the crown.

    That said, I have to really, really give Pink credit. She is who she is, and isn’t trying to rehash and steal from artists past like a certain diva…I mean honestly, did Lady Gaga think no one would remember Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons?

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