Debate This…Taco Bell vs Taco John’s

Debate This is all about voicing your opinion on really important things, such as Pepsi vs. Coke, Nike vs. Converse, and Twinkies vs. Ho-Hos. **smile** Okay, so maybe they’re not super important, but they’re at least fun things to jaw about. . . .

Be sure to cast your vote on the poll below. I’ll share the results later. . . .


Taco Bell vs Taco John’s


I never really liked Mexican food until I moved down to Arizona. I nibbled a little, but everything seemed too hot and spicy. But then, once I moved, it was like a switch flipped or something.

Heck, I’ve even graduated to MEDIUM SALSA!!!

But, for fast food, which is better? Taco Bell or Taco John’s?

Debate this

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17 thoughts on “Debate This…Taco Bell vs Taco John’s

  1. The potatoe oles are the final decision in my choice, Taco Johns all the way! My mouths watering just thinking about it.

  2. I’ve never heard of Taco John’s, and Taco Bell isn’t suitable for feeding rabid dogs, IMO. Hahahaha! I prefer those places where they make your burrito right in front of you. Or sit-down restaurants. Either way, I really love Mexican. YUM!

    1. Rabid Dogs? Jeez, Kendall, how do you really feel? LOL!!! I think it’s been a year since I’ve even had anything from Taco Bell. Maybe even longer. Not a huge fan of either. . . I’m with you. I’ll go to a place they’ll make it in front of you….I love chipotle for that reason (oh, and their food rocks.)

  3. Shouldn’t it be “Taco Juan’s”? (Just kidding, I know it was probably an advertising decision.)

    We don’t have Taco John’s in Denver, but Taco Bell is one of my favorite places to go for fast food.

    ~ VT

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