Debate This…Walmart vs Target

Debate This is all about voicing your opinion on really important things, such as Pepsi Vs. Coke, Nike Vs. Converse, and Twinkies Vs. Ho-Hos. **smile** Okay, so maybe they’re not super important, but they’re at least fun things to jaw about. . . .

Be sure to cast your vote on the poll below. I’ll share the results later. . . .


Walmart vs Target


A Walmart opened near me a few years ago, and I remember thinking, “Walmart is taking over the world.” You can find one almost as easily as you can find a Starbucks.

Okay, I exaggerate.

A little.

Both trademarks are well branded, easily recognized. But the question is, which store do you prefer?

Debate this….

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20 thoughts on “Debate This…Walmart vs Target

  1. I like Target merchndise and the layout better. I do NOT like their return policy and won’t buy electronics from them because of it. Walmart is too big for my tastes. If you want milk, cat food and aluminum foil- you have to go from one far corner of the store to the other and then to the center for the last item. Drives me over the edge. LOL!

    • Really? I’ve had no trouble buying electronics at Target. Yeah, Wamarts are spread out. Have you seen those marketplace Walmarts? They’re smaller….that’s more my style. 🙂

  2. Many times I’ve bumbled here, bumbled there, fighting traffic and kids and carsets, looking to fulfill my list of items and trying to avoid Wal-Mart. Needless to say, it was all at Wal-mart from the beginning. But I’ll probably keep bumbling. I am more willing to drag the kids to Target.

  3. I really don’t like either of them, but I always end up at Walmart because I can get everything I need in one place. For me, the less time spent shopping the better, LOL

  4. I prefer the atmosphere of Target over Walmart, but when it comes to lower prices, I think Walmart beats Target. Happy Monday!

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