Debate This…Week of Love

Welcome to the Week of Love on Catch the Rush.

For anyone who’s been following me this blog for any length of time knows I devote a week a year to Love–> right around my wedding anniversary.

Me and my sweet hubby are celebrating 15 years of marriage this week (Wednesday), and I can think of nothing else more fun to blog about.

I mean, I am a romance writer, you know? So it totally fits.

So, for our Debate This topic this week, I present…

Celine Dion vs Michael Bolton


Who do you think is the best singer of love songs….

Celine Dion



Michael Bolton



Debate This….

13 thoughts on “Debate This…Week of Love

  1. Happy Anniversary. Hope the next 15 are just as happy and amazing at the first 15.
    And I have to vote for Celine, a fellow Canadian.

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