What are you dedicated to?

Besides God and me, my sweet hubby has dedicated his time to training for triathlons. He enjoys the challenge involved in competing in three different sports over the course of a few hours.




All in the same morning/afternoon. Yeah, nuts, I know… LOL.

Sunday he got to participate in the Tempe International

and all his dedication paid off. He had a great race despite the hundred-degree weather.

Trans to bike

It’s hard to get pictures of him coming out of the water.

So here he is starting the bike portion

of the swim, bike, run.

Bike rideThat’s him on his


He cranked it at

about 23 MPH

for 25 miles.

He just got his Cervelo

a couple months earlier . . .

It worked

well for him!

FinishIt was nearing 100 degrees

when he finished here.

Man, was it HOT for me and I was just standing in the shade watching, drinking ice cold Gatorade.



To what do you dedicate your time?


6 thoughts on “DEDICATED

  1. Dedication is definitely the word I would give to Charlie. Holy macarel! That’s quite a feat. Right now my family is dedicated to girls fastpitch softball. Both my girls play on separate teams and my husband coaches one of the teams, then he also plays a co-ed softball team. I am the manager for one of the teams as well, so that is a lot of work in and of itself. Anyway, that’s what keeps us busy until the middle of July. This week we had games every night of the week.

  2. Kat–it’s good to see you back. Missed ya. Yes, I’ll be sure to tell him. 🙂

    KM–Yeah, the swimming should be last, you’re right. MAN, was it hot for him during the run!

  3. In the summer, I dedicate my time to the gardens outside my house. In the winter, I dedicate my time to writing. (Actually, that’s kind of a year-round thing.) I’ve also been known to dedicate time to my kids, my family, my music . . .

  4. Believe it or not, I’ve always wished I was an athlete. I’ve done my share, but Charlie! Wow. . .
    Sounds like a great day and a great run 🙂
    You know, the swimming should be last. . .at least in AZ 🙂 You could cool off at the end LOL
    Great post, Lynn. . .I write and go to movies . . .:)

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