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First, I just have to say THANK YOU for making my release day celebration yesterday such a fun experience. You guys ROCK. In case you missed it, don’t worry. You can still enter for the KINDLE FIRE! CLICK HERE for deets.

Today I get to participate in a super fun Did I Notice Your Book blog fest. You know we all like covers, right? Well, this is a blog fest about books/covers that caught our attention.

So, here’s mine:

On Demon Wings, by Karina Halle.

The Blurb:

When the life you wanted has crumbled beneath your fingers, there’s nothing left to do but pick up the pieces and soldier on. You’ve done this before. But what happens when you no longer feel like yourself anymore? When fires spontaneously start-up around you, when you hear growling coming from underneath your bed, and you no longer recognize your face in the mirror. What happens then? Ghost-hunter Perry Palomino doesn’t have much time to find out. Now, the evil she used to hunt is a lot closer to home. It’s inside of her, taking over her life bit-by-terrifying bit, and there’s only one person who can help her. If part of her doesn’t kill him first.
Doesn’t that just sound GREAT? And that cover…whew!! Fore sure caught my attention!
Now, let’s see if Karina Halle finds us!
Check her out on Facebook, too
Don’t for get to head over to the blog fest host sites: Ciara Knight & Alex Cavanaugh


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