Don’t be a grumpy diamond. #TheRunningWriter

Don’t be a grumpy diamond.


You’ve probably heard that pressure makes diamonds, right? And diamonds are super strong. So we should be strong, too, dealing with all life’s pressures.


I believe pressure can make us stronger. The things that happen to us, both good and bad, can build up our reality muscles. Make us strong so we can face off with anything.

Constant, unrelenting pressure in our lives is not ideal. We do need a reprieve once in a while to recharge. So it’s super important to find the opportunity to do that and take it. And enjoy it.

I know that when I’m starting to get fried from the constant pressure of life demands, I get a little short tempered and irritable. What does your fried look like?

Don’t ignore those signs. Be aware of them and take action. Otherwise you’ll be a grumpy diamond 😀

Stay strong my friends.

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